The project

YardManagementHDH is shaping the future of yard logistics processes. Through comprehensive digitization, we achieve the greatest possible safety, reliability, efficiency, and sustainability. To achieve this, we need to take a holistic view of all logistics on the site and use state-of-the-art mobile communications technology. The goal of the project: teleoperated transport of containers in regular operations on the premises of BSH Hausgeräte in the district of Heidenheim (HDH).

As a true pilot project, the standards we develop will additionally serve as a blueprint for future logistics projects. The project is supported by the German Federal Ministry of Digital Affairs and Transport with 3.9 million euros until 2024 as part of the federal funding „5G Innovation Competition“.

In the following video we give a first insight into our vision:


2022: Analysis, design and development

2023: Integration and commissioning

2024: Testing of further use cases on the BSH yard


The goal of YardManagementHDH is to bring automated logistics processes into practice and to implement them in a real application field. In a first step, teleoperation, i.e. the control of a conveyor vehicle from a control station, together with several applications of 5G technology. First, containers and, in the future, swap bodies and trailers will be moved around the site. We will start with simple routes and expand these successively in the course of the project. In order to be able to implement the automated applications, radio technology is used in the yard. On the one hand, sensors will be integrated into the teleoperated vehicle, and on the other, the new 5G mobile communications standard will be used. As part of the project, there is a transparent exchange with all those involved. It goes without saying that all on-site applications are subject to the strictest regulations and controls.

Further information on the 5G mobile communications standard can be found on the information and dialog portal of the federal initiative „Deutschland spricht über 5G“ („Germany talks 5G“). A collection of the most frequently asked questions and answers on all aspects of 5G technology has also been created there. The position of the Federal Office for Radiation Protection also provides information on common questions.


A multifaceted project requires multifaceted expertise. For this reason, YardManagementHDH is backed by BSH Hausgeräte and the district of Heidenheim, as well as a consortium of three other partners that complement each other ideally.

Zentrum für Digitale Entwicklung (Center for Digital Development) from Westhausen is responsible for the overall coordination, communications and 5G components. As an innovation partner, ITK Engineering is designing the digital ecosystem required for the project. The technology for teleoperation of vehicles is delivered by the Munich-based startup Fernride.

Discover the brains behind YardManagementHDH:

With sales of around 15.9 billion euros in 2022 and 63,000 employees, BSH Hausgeräte GmbH is a global leader in the home appliance industry. The group’s brand portfolio includes twelve well-known household appliance brands such as Bosch, Siemens, Gaggenau and Neff, as well as the ecosystem brand Home Connect and various service brands, including Kitchen Stories. BSH manufactures in 39 factories and is represented in around 50 countries. BSH is a company of the Bosch Group.

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 „We are very pleased that the development of state-of-the-art logistics technologies is being tested at BSH in Giengen, and we are eager to see what insights the research project will provide and whether the results can be transferred to other BSH sites.“

Henrik Ebner, Project Lead Planning and Logistics at BSH

With around 2,400 students, more than 20 different Bachelor’s degree programmes, including engineering and business, and around 900 dual partners, DHBW Heidenheim, founded in 1976, is one of nine locations of the first dual, practice-integrated university in Germany. The principle of duality is also reflected in the practical and scientific focus of research at the university.

 „We are delighted to be able to show how application- and transfer-orientated research can succeed in practice as part of the project and that we can make a significant contribution to the use of future-oriented logistics technologies.“

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rainer Kiesel, Professor in the Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics degree programmes

Fernride makes automated and sustainable logistics possible by combining human teleoperator capabilities with autonomous technology in a scalable way.

 „We are looking forward to supporting BSH logistics with our teleoperation platform on its way to autonomous plant logistics. Together with the project partners, we are testing automated factory traffic in 5G under real conditions. In this way, we are jointly driving forward the automation of logistics at BSH and the seamless integration of autonomous vehicles into their production processes.“

Hendrik Kramer, Co-Founder and CEO, Fernride

As an internationally active technology company in the field of software and systems engineering with a distinctive knowledge of methods, ITK Engineering covers the entire range from embedded systems to cloud computing. International customers from the automotive, off-highway, railroad technology, medical technology, motorsport and industrial sectors receive customized consulting and development services.

„Automation and digitalization are advancing in leaps and bounds – also in a logistics yard. Technologies such as 5G or artificial intelligence further increase complexity. We combine our expertise in the aforementioned areas with methodological knowledge to make this complexity manageable and to realize a forward-looking project together with our partners. Here in the YardManagementHDH project, we are gaining experience around the container transports of the future, which we bring to our customer projects.“

Nico Graf, Project Manager at ITK Engineering

The district of Heidenheim is paying particular attention to digitization in order to create an innovative and forward-looking environment at the location. The logistics sector plays a strategic role for the manufacturing industry.

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„We are pleased that this project is also a model for 5G. With high-performance consortium partners, we are developing exemplary solutions for use cases that will be transferable, with funding from the federal government. Germany as a business location will benefit from this.“

Michael Setzen, Economic Development Manager, Heidenheim District

Zentrum für Digitale Entwicklung (ZDE) offers consulting and planning services in the areas of digitalization and smart city for municipalities, regions, institutions and companies from the energy, real estate and industrial sectors. ZDE advises its customers on the planning and implementation of future-proof, convergent networks consisting of wired infrastructure and radio networks. In the area of 5G campus networks, ZDE supports its customers as a full-service provider: from radio network planning and license applications to on-site implementation of the 5G campus network.

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„The future of networks is convergent. With our contribution to the 5G campus network, we are creating the basis for an innovative, future-proof infrastructure at BSH in the YardManagementHDH project. Together with our project partners, we are demonstrating in this innovation lighthouse how logistics processes can be successfully digitized on the basis of 5G. In the role of overall project management as well as in the planning and execution of project communication, we look forward to a successful implementation phase.“

Carina Nitschke, Project Manager, ZDE